Our Plastography exhibit is a strange and colorful photographic exploration of plastic creatures.  Plastography is the natural world combined with the un-natural world of plastic. We incorporate nature and real life with “plastic life” in our art. Plastography is also about movement and storytelling.  Art comes to life as it imitates life.  Ranging from disturbing to whimsical this collaboration has a flow of its own.  Reviving items that have been discarded on the roadside, forgotten in children’s toy chests or yard sale finds, we have blended a menagerie of “plastographics”.  The plastic figures come to life in the unusual habitat of their glass showcase, where they are surrounded by the colorful photographs of themselves. Of the over 50 "plastographs" in the exhibit some may be interpreted as frightening or dark.  What is scary to one person is comical to another.  Who can say why?  Maybe Jo Ellen can help, she is the licensed therapist.  Plastography is breathing life into plastic. Plastographers, Mary Kenez and Jo Ellen Bourg

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